Video and Vlogging Tips – 5 more

Well, now that you’ve started down the video and vlogging path – you surely want to continue. Let’s make it easy for you by giving you some more simple steps to follow.  You have already learned about framing, about how easy it is to throw on a hat and how it is best to keep your videos on the shorter side.  Now that you have some of the basics down, now, let’s keep the momentum going. I promise not to make things too complicated for you. Take a look….

  • OH MY HEAVENS sistah.  You’re just delightfully charming.  LOVE YOU.

  • Danielle Smith

    Well now…. just how truly delightful are you?  Thank you for that.  I need more of you in my life.  You make me better. So grateful.  

  • Great video. My problem is not the ums. I say “and” instead. Horrible habit I need to break.