Complaining About Media Hype Around Hurricane Irene? Put a sock in it….

People.  If you live on the East Coast and your home and streets didn’t flood, you are LUCKY.

If you live in New York City and had to evacuate and you came back to a home or business FREE of flooding and damage, you are LUCKY.

If you DON’T live on the East Coast and you are blathering on about the media over-hyping Hurricane Irene (or if you are frustrated you evacuated for ‘nothing’), I respectfully ask you to put a sock in it.

It is easy to find commentary condemning the media’s (and many politician’s) representation of what became Tropical Storm Irene…like Daily Beast author, Howard Katz claimed, in a scathing review, “Cable News was utterly swept away by the notion that Irene would turn out to be Armageddon”.

I’m confused… isn’t Hurricane Irene now in the Top 10 most expensive natural disasters in U.S. History?

Isn’t it possible, likely even… that the death toll was LESS as a result of the hyped would-be ‘Armaggedon’?

Is it REALLY considered ‘over-hype’ because New York CITY didn’t suffer the predicted wrath of Irene?

Just what is your complaint?  That you had to LISTEN to the media talk about Hurricane Irene?  If it doesn’t effect you, AND you are so bothered by the ‘over-hype’, TURN IT OFF. Maybe you are frustrated you were forced to evacuate. How about embracing the blessing of coming back to a home? Because there are THOUSANDS of people sleeping on cots right now….and their homes are gone.

It is incredibly easy to Monday morning quarterback this disaster from the comfort of your own couch, with your fingers on your laptop – because THAT’S RIGHT, you have POWER, oh…. and you can leave your home because the streets aren’t closed.

And?  You aren’t one of the 45 families who lost a loved one during the storm.

Have you actually seen the pictures of the Hurricane Irene damage?

Let me help you out. (click twice to enlarge to full screen) This is what you get when you search Google images for Vermont Hurricane Irene damage:

Or…. how about this:  A google seach for Catskills Hurricane Irene Damage:

As of this writing, there are more than a million  people still without power and the cost is estimated to be in the Billions.  Yes, billions.  Considering the state of New York alone is $1 billion.

I find it hard to believe  that the people yapping about the media hype have seen these pictures.  There are people who lost everything. Everything.  Their homes, their pictures, their furniture and clothes….even their cars.  And yet, the complaints of ‘over-hype’ persist.

The media did their job.  They warned the public. Sure, Irene wasn’t as bad as predicted.


She was still horrific.  Still fatal.  Still dream-shattering.

Perspective, friends.  Let’s find some.

Photo Credit: Screenshot of the story.