My National TV Debut: Red Carpet ACM Correspondent

We are just going to go right ahead and call this a ‘PINCH-ME-LIFE-MOMENT’.  I shared with you a few months ago that I experienced what amounts to a ‘dream come true’ when I was given the opportunity to work as a correspondent on the Red Carpet at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.

It was everything I imagined it would be.  I was both giddy and awestruck.  I wasn’t merely thrilled because I was stepping my four-inch heels onto an actual red carpet.  It wasn’t that I was given the opportunity to play ‘dress-up’, chose a dress I wish I could wear every day, or that I would love to take those hair and make up stylists home to live with me (I do).  It wasn’t that I would be surrounded by ‘celebrities’.

And while I adore country music deep in my soul, it wasn’t just that. (I *may* have told Clay Walker that he was the reason I fell in love with country music 20 years ago… and he *may* have told me that was the best thing anyone has ever said to him).

I was petrified, I was a ball of nerves and energy.  I was positive it would be obvious this was my first time here. But, I took a deep breath and forced myself to believe.  I refused to think I had found myself here, in this moment, based on luck.

This is what I have always felt in my soul I was supposed to do…. the interviewing, the video work, the story-telling. I was in my element.  And topping it off – the beauty of an amazing cause – Child Hunger Ends Here.  Each interview I did was better than the last.  With each artist, I found the tension easing… I fell into the skill set I know I possess. I wanted to hear the story.  So, I asked the questions.  And, they answered.

I love this work.

Why am I sharing this with you today, months after the fact?  Today, I was given a gift: the copy of the video here in this post.  It is a copy of a segment that aired on Better TV.  A similar one aired on The Daily Buzz and another on Daytime TV.  All three shows are nationally syndicated.  This is the first time I have seen them.  And this is the first time I have ever appeared on a national show as a correspondent.

I’ve been interviewed as a guest. I’ve done many segments as portions of newscasts. And I’ve reported and anchored on a local level. But this is the first time I’ve appeared in this capacity. And I am proud of it.

Thank you for sharing this small bit of joy with me.

An Interview With Country Music Artist Hunter Hayes About Song ‘Here’s Hope’

He is young and clearly at the beginning of what will be a brilliant career.

Just when Country Music artist Hunter Hayes finishes knocking you over with his musical talents – he sings, he writes and plays every instrument on his self-titled album, you learn he is also a well-spoken advocate for causes like Child Hunger Ends Here, a campaign that motivated him to write Here’s Hope, a song performed at the Academy of Country Music Awards by Little Big Town.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Hunter at the ACM awards in Las Vegas, the day before his song was first heard by millions of people.

The song is part of Con Agra Food’s initiative to fight Child Hunger right here in the United States and can be downloaded from the Child Hunger Ends Here website with the purchase of participating Con Agra Food items.  You have the option to choose versions by Jewel, Owl City and Jay Sean. Each download donates the equivalent of one meal to Feeding America.

Academy of Country Music Awards: Interview with Gwen Sebastian (The Voice

Three weeks ago, I received a phone call: How would I feel about covering the Red Carpet at the Academy of Country Music Awards on behalf of Con Agra Foods and their Child Hunger Ends Here program?

A song, “Here’s Hope”, written just for the campaign was going to be performed at the ACMs, spreading the message: Child Hunger is an epidemic, but there is Hope.

I might have said ‘YES!” before the question was done being asked.

This opportunity was extraordinary for a few reasons:

  • Covering a Red Carpet event has been a dream of mine for years (since I was in traditional TV)
  • I would be covering it on behalf of Child Hunger Ends Here – a cause I care deeply about
  • I LOVE Country Music.

So, for me?  A perfect fit.  I have the opportunity to do something I have always dreamed about and for a good cause.

On the Red Carpet, I interviewed more than a dozen Country Artists….one of them was Gwen Sebastian, who recently left The Voice, but has some BIG news to share:

Isn’t she phenomenal? There is so much more video to come…. interviews with Hunter Hays, Coy Bowles from the Zac Brown Band…. and SO MUCH Red Carpet Coverage.  I cannot wait to share.