iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide – Making Your iPhone Photography Dreams Come True

I would like to say I fancy myself some kind of professional iPhone photographer.  You’d think with the number of pictures I take, I would be, yes?  But, alas, that is not the case.

Despite the nearly 1,700 pictures sitting on my iPhone as we speak, I am but an amateur. Yes, I am addicted to taking pictures.  Yes, I want desperately for them to be stunning and moving and to capture snapshots of my life as I live it – of my small people, of the travel, of the experiences – and yet, I’m average.

I am aware that clutched in my hand throughout the day, I have this amazing photographic tool that will allow me to take those moments and memories and make them magical.

Fortunately, I love to surround myself by people better, faster, and smarter than I. And they are the ones who can help.

What are the best apps to use?  The best ways to store photos? How to you maximize your creativity and stay organized?

I know where you and I can both find the answers and take our amateur passion to the next level.

iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide by Alli Worthington

My friend, Alli Worthington has written a fabulous ebook – IT IS ONLY $5 – and it is PACKED full of the tips and tricks we need to create iPhone photo works of art. iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide is more than 160 pages of step-by-step visual goodness highlighting apps, angles, tips and ideas to get you going if you are just getting started or to push you forward into a new level of creativity if you are looking for inspiration.

Get there.  Seriously, $5, people.

Also… if you get the book and decide you love it (you will), Become an Affiliate.


  • Isn’t Alli great? I’m SUCH a visual learner. The photos and instructions she has in this book are right up my alley!


  • Danielle Smith

    Yes!  I am exactly the same way!  It has taught me so much!