The Royal Wedding – To Watch or Not To Watch

Official Engagement Photo, Taken By Mario Testino

Did you know? Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married. On Friday. Of course you already knew that. Unless you have been hiding under a very large rock. Because, really? Every TV station, Radio station, Magazine cover is covering you in a blanket of all things Royal. If you want to SEE.IT.HAPPEN.LIVE, you best be setting your alarm for o’dark’thirty – I believe it is 4am for us here in the States, is it not?  The question I have is:  Will you be watching?  I keep hearing, “MILLIONS of people will be watching….”….  Will you be one of them?










  • I was living in England when Charles and Diana married. It was a national holiday and on every single channel. I do remember watching it and being fascinated. I am not going to get up at 4am to watch this one. I know I won’t miss a thing since it is going to be covered by everyone and their mother. I’ve avoided most of the coverage since I stopped watching a lot of TV. Thank goodness!

  • Lucrecer – I’m with you – I WAS fascinated, but especially considering the news here in the U.S. on the day of the wedding – I was far more concerned by other things…. Not that I didn’t want to see some of the highlights, I just couldn’t see spending hours consumed by every detail :)

  • Diane at

    I went to a slumber party at friend’s home! We got up at 3 am to watch while eating scones and drinking tea and dishing on everything from fashion to romance. We “judged” the hats like the Olypic skating competition: one score for creativity & one for execution!!! (We thought Victoria Beckham’s hat could take an eye out if she wasn’t careful.)

    Best comment from my friend, “I’d like to be the Queen of a small country — I know my limitations!”